Who Is George Friedman?

George Friedman is a political scientist and author who has made a career out of analyzing the inner workings of global politics. He is the founder and chairman of Geopolitical Futures, a website that examines current events. Friedman is also a regular contributor to The New York Times and has written columns for the paper since 2001.

Friedman’s work has been highly influential. Notably, his book The World Is Flat argued that globalization had leveled the playing field for worldwide countries. He has also been outspoken about the need for America to maintain its status as a superpower. In addition, he has been critical of what he sees as President Obama’s weak foreign policy stance.

Early Career

Friedman’s career began in 1981 when he joined the US Army and was stationed in West Germany. He served as an analyst for the US Army’s Intelligence and Security Command (INSCOM). In 1984, he left the military to join the Rand Corporation, a global policy think tank. He worked as a research associate and later as a senior fellow.

In 1990, Friedman founded Stratfor, one of the world’s leading private intelligence companies. Under his leadership, Stratfor became known for its accurate forecasts of major geopolitical events. In 2011, Friedman sold Stratfor to Thompson Reuters.

Best Achievements of George Friedman, Friedman has written numerous books, including “The Next 100 Years” and “The World Is Flat.” Friedman is known for his predictions about global events, many of which have come true. For example, in “The Next 100 Years”, he foresaw the fall of the Soviet Union, 9/11, and the rise of China as a superpower. He has also been highly critical of US foreign policy over the years. Despite his criticisms, Friedman is ultimately an optimist when it comes to the future of America and the world. He believes that technological innovation will continue to improve our lives and that democracy will continue to spread worldwide.

How does George Friedman see the Future?

George Friedman, author and geopolitical analyst doesn’t sugarcoat his predictions for the future. In a recent article for Geopolitical Futures, he paints a bleak picture of the next 10-15 years. But while his forecasts may be sobering, he offers a unique perspective on world events that are well worth considering.

Friedman begins by noting that the current global order is coming to an end. The United States has been the dominant force in the world since World War II, but that is no longer the case. With China and Russia rising in power, Friedman believes that we are entering a new era in which nation-states will become increasingly important. He predicts that we will see more conflict between countries as they vie for power and resources.

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