When Is The Right Time To Begin Premarital Counseling?

If you’re considering prewedding counseling two or three weeks before tying the knot, you should think again. This is not the right way to go. Premarital counseling should start as soon as you decide to get married. Note that this therapy is not only meant for couples who are planning a wedding. It is also recommended for those who’ve entered into new relationships. The main idea is to give you a chance to identify your partner’s weaknesses that might become problematic in the future.

The courtship period ensures that you are into a healthy and non-toxic relationship that should lead to a stable lifetime union. That is why you must enlist the help of a certified therapist for premarital counseling Atlanta as soon as possible. This will give you an edge over couples who will be starting the same therapy a few weeks before marriage.

Important Considerations

To help you decide the right time to start premarital counseling, first determine what you don’t know about your partner. It is easier to assume that you know them well, but like most couples, it turns out that you know so little about someone. Luckily, engaging a professional counselor helps in mediating the most challenging discussions before it’s too late. Examples of difficult conversations include past events that your partner doesn’t like talking about, like sex, hurtful experiences, and dark secrets.

With a therapist, it is possible to bring things to light and discuss even the most sensitive topics. Even though the main objective for setting up premarital counseling is to prepare for marriage, building a solid and healthy relationship should be the priority. Only you and your partner can create a strong marital foundation, but a counselor helps speed up the process.

Benefits of Starting Premarital Counseling Earlier

The core advantage of starting as early as possible is to improve communication. A relationship without effective communication is nothing. Early therapy sessions teach you to be a good listener and identify your partner’s needs.

Another benefit of early prewedding counseling is planning the future. Though the future is very unpredictable, there are specific steps you can take to design a fulfilling tomorrow. Many couples fail when planning for the future, but a premarital counselor will guide you in the right direction.

Premarital counseling Atlanta should be mandatory as it acts as an early intervention for improving relationships and setting realistic goals. You need to know how to deal with conflicts constructively. Therapy allows you to express your beliefs, values, and expectations about a relationship. You get to know your partner’s views on children bearing, parenting, finances, and extended family. Ultimately, it gives you a holistic basis for testing your ability to build a fulfilling marriage.

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