What Makes Vintage Turkish Rugs Special?

Owning a vintage Turkish rug is having some precious piece of history. Genuine Turkish carpets are the treasures of every collector the world over. Known for the attractiveness of their patterns, durability, and years of work that went into weaving each carpet, these rugs add class to any home. Here is a quick overview of what makes Turkish rugs so special and why every homeowner should consider buying one.

Exquisite hand-woven techniques

Not only are Antique Turkish rugs popular because of their stunning color combinations and bold striking patterns, but also due to their unique weaving techniques. They feature asymmetrical weaving technique, often called Turkish knot or double knotting. The technique involves making each knot into two warps. This method was perfected and then passed down from one generation to the next, which is why each piece of Vintage Turkish rug stays true to its roots.

Beautiful use of natural dyes

These rugs derive their attractive colors from all the natural dyes which are in turn derived from roots, flowers, vegetables, insects, animals, and minerals. Some of the colors that are naturally produced include yellow, navy blue, black, brown and gray. This striking combination of bright and bold colors gives these rugs one of their most liked aesthetic attributes.

Made using the finest materials

Vintage Turkish rugs are made using fine silk, superior quality cotton, and soft lustrous wool. The materials can be used alone or in combination with each other. Turkish rugs derive their high durability from natural materials that they have been made of, which make them last for years and years.

The silk rugs are made using fine silk that has been spun by silkworms. The reason silk is chosen is because of its high tensile strength, resistance and very pliable. As carpet lover will tell you, any rug made of silk is deemed to be more luxurious compared to wool, animal hair or cotton.

On the other hand, Turkish wool rugs are typically made with sheep or lamb fleece. Many factors determine the quality of wool. It will vary according to sheep breed and climate. Wool sourced from colder regions tends to be of higher quality as the sheep there are healthier.


As you can see, vintage Turkish rugs are loved and for good reasons too. They feature some of the most attractively designed patterns, finest materials, and immaculate hand-weaving techniques. If you are thinking to buy them but aren’t completely sold out, we hope this article clears things for you. Remember that you can also get these types of rugs from online platforms such as eBay and Amazon.

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