What Eye Contact Lens Colours Look The Most Natural?

Fashion is more than merely about a person’s hair, makeup, and clothing. Eye contact lens colours are also a fun and easy way to enhance a person’s appearance. Coloured contacts have both a prescription and a non-prescription and can be worn on almost any occasion. The closer a contact lens is to a person’s natural eye colour, the more natural the contacts appear. Therefore, coloured contacts are a great option for those who would want their contact lenses to be just like their natural eye colour. The following are some contact lens options that will help everyone achieve the highest natural eye colour possible.

Brown Eyes

Highlighting natural eye colour is easy for people with brown or light hazel eyes. Many times picking a warm shade often yields the most natural glow. A person can also create a unique look by picking a coloured contact lens that seems a bit cooler, along with medium-toned green and grey colours.

Green Eyes

Switching green eyes so that a person may achieve a different light hue depends heavily on the shade of green. In this case, a person with pale green eyes can try enhancement-tinted lenses every time they want to change their natural eye colour to either a soft grey or blue. Dark green eyes have a tendency to subdue light-tinted contact lenses. Therefore, speckles of hazel and caramel enhancement tints should be used to add a piercing effect to emerald eyes while also maintaining some of their natural hues.

Blue Eyes

People with light-coloured blue eyes have the most options in regards to coloured contacts. This is because their base eye colour has a less dark pigment, which makes the eye colour impart the most translucent appearance. Blue-eyed individuals can use both opaque lenses and enhancement lenses. With a little mix of violet or grey lenses, blue-eyed people can easily switch up their usual eye colour while also retaining their original luminosity. Otherwise, these colours also go well with lighter-coloured eyelashes and fairer complexions.

Final Thoughts

The reasons to wear eye contact lens colours vary greatly from person to person. Sometimes a person might want to enhance their natural colour to make it appear more dramatic and bold. Other days one might need a completely fresh new look, where a person just wants to try an eye colour that is different from their natural shade. The rule of thumb is that it is extremely helpful to know which coloured contacts work best for a person’s eye colour. Hopefully, some of the contact lenses suggestions mentioned above will help everyone find an option that will change their appearance in the most natural-looking way!

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