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The loss of sensitive data can have dramatic consequences for a company and jeopardize its survival in the short or medium term. That’s why companies of all sizes have an interest in implementing automatic backup solutions to preserve their business.

Data loss has various implications for a business, depending on its size and the nature of the information being corrupted or misplaced. The most serious cases involve the partial or total destruction of databases containing customer information, working documents on projects in progress, internal messages, accounting reports and commercial files.

A misadventure that puts affected companies in a perilous financial situation often leading to bankruptcy. And those who manage to survive usually take several years to recover to 100% thanks to Web Design Wagga Wagga.

Automatic computer backup is therefore conceived as a preventive measure allowing companies to guard against incidents that could lead to data loss:

– Damage related to fire, water damage, natural disasters
– Computer attacks from hackers and malicious competitors
– Technical failures due to the wear of computer equipment
– Thefts affecting the workstations
– Human errors committed by the staff

By performing a regular automatic backup of vital data, companies can resume their business in record time since the restoration of data is simpler and faster to perform: just a few hours are enough to restore the situation if the premises are still usable.

Computer backup aims to keep a copy of all your sensitive data, separate from your computer. It can be a manual backup performed by each employee or an automatic backup via software or specific applications.

The storage of the automatic backup can be done on the company website. The data remains within the scope of your company, although these are not protected against theft or loss. Outside the company – the data are covered against all risks, but this implies entrusting sensitive information to external service providers. Their export is made in a secure way with authentication and encryption protocols handled by Web Design Wagga Wagga.

What computer data to keep in an automatic backup?

It is obviously not necessary to copy all the data issued by your company, whose mass continues to grow over the years. This would represent a little justifiable extra cost, especially since the usefulness of information stored on workstations is very variable.

In the context of an automatic backup, it is more a question of refining the conservation parameters by copying only the computer documents that really impact your activity on a daily basis, and thus to determine beforehand which data is vital to the correct one. functioning of your company.

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