Types Of Eye Color Contact Lenses

Are you planning to change the color of your eyes, improve your appearance or simply help improve your vision ability? Aside from the regular contacts, there are eye color contacts that have become extremely popular in the last few years.

A Brief History of Color Contacts

After their debut in 1980s, eye color contacts lenses have continuously become popular not only in the medical field but also in beauty and fashion. These devices are largely used for cosmetic reasons, but they are also essential as medical devices. When used as medical devices, users must obtain a prescription from a certified doctor.

What Materials are Used to Make Colored Contacts?

Today, contact lenses are made from Silicon hydrogel and HEMA materials. Different ocular conditions can be addressed using three main types of colored lenses. The lenses can be used for therapeutic, prosthetic and cosmetic purposes.

Types of Colored Contacts

Transparent Tint

They are designed to change the user’s perception, especially in entertainment and sports industries. They change the color of the eyes. For instance, you can change your darker eyes to look lighter. In addition, they can change reduce the amount of light that to avoid affecting the cornea, lens, retina. Consequently, these types of lenses help to limit the ocular glare. The transparent tint overlaps the background of the natural iris to cause a change to the color of the iris. You can also use darker tints to help obscure the corneal or iris irregularities. However, they are not as effective as those prepared using computer programs and hand-painted contact lenses.

Computer-generated opaque contact lenses

Opaque types come with a variety of computer-generated patterns, sizes and colors to help increase the effectiveness of the devices. You can order custom-made contacts that have a darker or lighter tint, depending on your option. You can go for a more subtle color to give you a bold look. Computer-generated lenses come with limited options, thus are reproducible and allows for more consistency in terms of vision. In addition, they are not susceptible to fading, easy to fit and are more comfortable compared to their hand-made counterparts.

Hand-painted types

They are perhaps the kind of eye color contacts lenses that allow for optimal customization and can be made from both HEMA and hydrogel materials. They are good at hiding severe ocular disfigurements. They are so popular because of their high level of customizability. For instance, you can paint the iris offset from the background of the iris in a move to make your eyes look aligned.

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