Things To Check When Buying A Parking Garage Lifting System

Parking has been a perennial problem in cities for decades. It only gets worse with time as the cars being sold grossly outnumbers the slots being built. In many cases, people have to wait for long periods just to get an open slot at the mall and other public places. The same problem challenges homeowners who are having issues fitting all of the cars in their growing family. Whether you are trying to expand your residential garage capacity or aiming to build modern commercial parking, there are a few things that you must remember when buying a parking garage lifting system.

Overhead Clearance

Mind the overhead clearance and make sure that this is higher than the tallest car that you own or that you are likely to welcome in the parking garage. It would be prudent to have a sign stating the maximum height that can be accommodated at the front. This reduces the likelihood of damage from banging the top of the vehicle on the platform. Parking garage lifting system have set this at 7 feet but you can always go lower to maximize space or provide a more realistic figure for the existing structure.

Weight Capacity

Make sure that the lifting system that you are getting can actually carry the types of vehicles that you have. Compact cars are quite light so you should have no issues about capacity no matter what system you get. However, things get more complicated as you move up in size. Some vans, SUVs, and trucks can exceed the capacity of low-level products. Aim for around 6,000 lbs as a safe bet for sedans, sports cars, and most SUVs. If you want to be sure, then check the product pages to learn about the weights of various vehicles. Add some allowance since these might contain personal items when they enter the garage.

Drive-through Clearance

The width of the lifting system is pertinent as well. Most vehicles are between five to seven feet wide which is what these lifts are designed for. However, some might be wider than that so you will have to look for special models that can accommodate those. Most commercial parking establishments will try to get this as narrow as possible so that they can fit in more lifts and maximize their spaces. Even a few inches can spell a big difference when you multiply them by multiples. However, some of these might require mirror adjustments to fit inside.

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