The Science Behind Weighted Blankets And Why They Work

It is not uncommon for most people to occasionally experience a certain amount of stress. You may be anxious about an examination or a presentation at work. However, when you experience anxiety for long periods of time or constantly, it can affect both your physical as well as emotional health.
You may have trouble sleeping and eating, and may be unable to calm down even when faced with everyday situations that should ideally not elicit stress. A weighted blanket is great way to help children and adults calm down. And the science behind weighted blankets explains why it is so effective.

The Science Behind Weighted Blankets, when you are stressed or upset, a warm hug from your partner or a friend is likely to calm you down. The very experience of being held, calms the body, and lowers the heart rate. When you experience stress your body goes into a ‘fight or flight’ mode. Your heart rate goes up, you may feel breathless and you can feel the impact of the adrenalin release in your body. Your body is preparing to deal with an actual or perceived danger. However, when you experience stress or anxiety frequently, it is likely to tire you out. It also hampers focus, concentration and performance.

A weighted blanket offers you a full body hug. The gentle but constant pressure offered by the blanket activates the body’s parasympathetic nervous system and helps it calm down. Slowly your heart beat reduces and you begin to calm down. Your pattern of breathing transforms from shallow to deeper breathing. And, this in turn ensures that the body receives more oxygen rich air.

Who Can Benefit from Weighted Blankets

Weighted blankets are great for everyone. They are designed for both adults and children, and are available in several sizes and weights. It is a good idea to choose a blanket that weighs about ten percent of your body weight. Weighted blankets are excellent for people who experience anxiety and have trouble sleeping. They help adults and children with ADHD and autism calm down. The sensory stimulation offered by the blanket keeps their mind off other stimuli or stressors.

Most manufacturers offer blankets that can be used all through the year. You can also buy one that is suitable for cool or warm weather. Do bear in mind that the fabric of the blanket will affect how warm or cool the blanket becomes. Natural and organic fibers such as cotton, bamboo and eucalyptus breathe well, and are great as blanket fabrics and for duvets.

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