The Potential Of NMN Reverse Aging Supplements

The quest for eternal youth has been raging for thousands of years. Kings and queens have tried to prolong their life or turn back the clock with all the riches and power at their disposal. We still yearn for it today for ourselves and our loved ones. Scientists may be close to finding a solution with the discoveries regarding chemical compounds that control aging. Nicotinamide mononucleotide or NMN is a precursor to NAD+ which regulates DNA repair and protein interactions. Taking NMN reverse aging as a supplement may help people achieve better health while reversing the effects of aging. Studies with mice showed the following results:

Reduce Weight

The treated mice showed lower weight compared to the control group. This may point to the supplement’s ability to help users control their body mass. Used with regular exercise, this can be a powerful tool for those who would like to slim down and lose excess pounds.

Improve Metabolism

NMN has also been shown to improve metabolism. With this, it is easier for the body to burn calories. You will be able to utilize energy from food much better so that it doesn’t get stored in the body as excess weight. This is likely why the treated mice showed lower weight compared to the controls. Some people have natural low metabolism so this may help them nudge the bar upwards.

Enhance Eye Function

The tested mice also showed enhanced eye function which should be great news for people who have been suffering from declining vision and function through the years. We often shrug this off as a natural sign of aging but now there seems to be a way to reverse the process and get back some of the functions we enjoyed in our youth.

Increase Bone Density

Older people are prone to fractures because of their lower bone density and reduce overall stability. They are prone to accidents such as slips and falls. When they land, their bones can break and recovery can take a long time. NMN increased the bone density of mice. It would be great if the same can be true for humans.

Boost Immunity

The scientists also discovered that NMN can boost mice immunity to illness. They are less prone to ailments which undoubtedly helps them stay more comfortable over time.

It’s still the early days for NMN reverse aging supplements but the results in lab tests are highly encouraging. Do talk to your doctor before taking anything just to get more information and be on the safe side.

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