Sustainable Living: A Great Way Of Making Your Home Eco- Friendly

The popularity of green homes continues to rise as more people participate in the drive to lower carbon emissions. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (or ABS), 19% of all Australian homes use solar energy. In Britain, the government has declared that all houses must be emitting zero carbon by 2020, after studies showed that 12% of all carbon emissions in the UK are from domestic houses.

It is not a surprise to see leadership institutions around the world campaigning for green homes. The fact is that sustainable houses are beneficial for all. They make use of as many natural resources as possible to reduce human environmental impact and protect the health of households. Other benefits of environmentally friendly homes include enabling you to save money because of efficient energy use.

How to Make a House Eco- Friendly

To construct a ‘green’ house, all you need to have are organic materials/ ingredients. Your list of components should include recycled products and elements that have grown without any toxic herbicide or pesticide. Some features of sustainable homes are low-flow water fixtures, wind power systems, veggie-based insulation, and energy-efficient lighting.

A penny-wise way you can make an existing home sustainable is by installing eco green walls. This style of paneling is not only one of the best veggie-based insulation you can have, but it is also a way to improve your well-being. A green wall can be completely or partially covered with greenery. It usually consists of a substrate or soil layer that acts as a growing medium for the plants.

Why You Should Go for Green-Walls

The advantages of having green walls, which are also known as living walls, are just mind-boggling. First, this type of partitions increase indoor space oxygen levels and improve the air quality enabling your family and your visitors to breathe easy even when the weather conditions are extreme outside. On a personal level, you start experiencing better psycho physiological stress response, improvements in emotional state and task performance.

Eco-green walls also provide a balanced natural humidity inside and outside your house. It is even an effective way of combating the heat islands that occur in many places around the globe. You can also use living walls as noise insulators.

Final Thoughts

By and large, there isn’t a better time to take conscious steps towards saving the environment and enhancing sustainable living. By making your home green, you not only improve your environment and well-being, but you also reduce carbon emissions. Living walls are a great way to make any domestic building sustainable.

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