Sony X830F Review – Know All About Main Features

People who are searching for a 4K Android TV with lots of advanced features should opt for Sony x830f TV review. This TV has a high rating by the gamers who enjoy playing 4K video games on this TV. In case you often watch movies in the dark, you would be more than happy with its picture quality- besides, the blacks are deep and uniform. Let’s uncover the Sony X830F Review that reveals the most remarkable features of this android device.


Its 60.1-inch Triluminos LED Display delivers vibrant colors of content at 4X x1080p resolution. At the same time, 4K HDR Super Bit Mapping lets this display add an extra layer of colors and gradation for brighter views like sunshine. This Smart LED TV is suitable for playing games, watching TV Shows, and turning into an HDR UHD PC monitor.

For digital enhancement of fast-moving images on the display, Sony integrated it with the latest Motion flow XR 960 technology so that you won’t experience blur images anymore. The display is fully compatible with HDR10 and HLC. TV gets power from the 4K HDR Processor X1, powerful enough to enhance a non-HDR video to near 4K HDR quality level.


Smart TV X830F series is designed with built-in Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity. So, you won’t find it hard to get quick access to Google play store. Downloading your favorite application and enjoying internet-based content would always be a super fun experience on its compact 4K display. Three USB ports allow you to make the most of compatible multimedia peripherals. A feature you like the most about this 4K Android TV is that this TV comes with its 4 HDMI inputs through which you can connect it to HD video sources as quickly as you want.

Parental Control

Sony designed its smart TV by keeping in mind family set-up; therefore, it brings parent control at its best for users. As TV runs on the latest Android operating system, it offers a screen monitoring facility through other android smart devices like a mobile phone or tablet. It’s easy to do content sharing from TV to a smart android device. Parents can lock both digital and optical channels with the push of a button.

Reality Image and Video

When you are watching sports and movies, one noticeable feature is its Motionflow XR 960 refresh rate technology. The purpose of this technology is to bring optimal clarity in fast-moving video sequences. For enhancing images in real-time, two image-improvement databases work together. The 4K X-Reality Pro upscales an image to near 4K quality while a second database ensures that every pixel on the screen is crystal clear.

If you plan to buy a 4K Android TV, you should have a look at this quick Sony x830f TV review as it highlights the significant features of this smart TV.

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