Solar System Repairs: All To Know

There is a range of reasons that affect solar panel output. The primary reason is damage by external factors that lead to breakages. The damages pose unprecedented questions to solar system operators, the most common question being: Can a defective solar panel be repaired? ; or it needs replacement with immediacy.

As such, it is important to understand the fact that the type of solar damage determines the type of reparation to be instated. Colloquially the reparation of the damaged solar cells is possible, however costly.

Inner solar panel module damages

The internal damages of solar panels are usually never caused by external factors; rather, they can be caused by faulty during production, poor selection of all or some of the solar panel equipment. Unfortunately, such damages are impossible to repair. Such damages include:

-Snail trails
-Discoloration of cell connectors or solar cells
-Scorched on the back or front
-Variety of colors or stains on the solar cells
-Back sheet discoloration is commonly known as yellowing
-Discoloration of EVA film or Browning
-Laminate inclusions

Module damages by external forces

These damages are mostly associated to weather cases such as lightning, storms, hails, snow pressure, and excessive heat. Besides, animal bites, over-voltage, and animal bites cause module damages. These damages are repairable; however; the external force determines the strength of the damage and reparation success.
Flying pieces, hailstones, and collapsed structures lead to huge damages, and the consequences include:

-Glass breakage
-Scratched module frames

-Cell breakages

Besides, small animals such as mice and rats cause big damages to large solar systems. These animals bite cables and solar plugs hence leading to the damage of the solar cells.

To ensure high Solar System Repairs success rate, you ideally need the services of an expert or take your equipment to the repair center. Repair centers carry out extensive testing after reparation and carry out measurement tests. Through the flash tests, your solar panel watts peak can be determined, and electroluminescent images are created. Besides, potential damages can be determined and sorted, such as micro-cracks on the modules.

In summary, Solar System Repairs require your understanding of the damage before you carry out the repairs yourself or take to the repair centers. This will help estimate the cost of repairs and what to be repaired. This will save you from fraudulent experts who may take advantage of your ignorance and as well determine whether the repairs have been done optimally.

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