Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Overview

Getting the Six Sigma Certification for Professionals

A Six Sigma Green Belt certification identifies candidates obtained when they complete a six sigma training course, proving mastery in all six components of the Quality Management System (QMS). The certification is based upon a comprehensive review of a potential candidate’s performance in all six aspects of the QMS disciplines: Parts/ Materials, Operations, Product Life cycle, Quality Assurance, Engineering, and Design. In essence, a candidate needs to have a thorough knowledge of every aspect of this complex process before becoming a Six Sigma Green Belt certified professional. Once the Green Belt certification is received, anyone in the company can enjoy Six Sigma trained efficiency benefits.


Six Sigma certification exams are held periodically. Candidates can obtain these certifications from professional organizations that specialize in Six Sigma training. Most Six Sigma organizations offer the exams either online or in classroom sessions.

Why go for this Certification Program?

Six Sigma training aims to assist management in refining and streamlining business processes to increase profitability. The techniques work particularly well in developing lean Six Sigma business processes known to reduce costs and improve productivity. Six Sigma certification enables those in a business to identify what improvements need to be made in the processes and then implement them. Six Sigma Green Belt training focuses on the conceptual understanding of Six Sigma and provides resources for obtaining the Six Sigma certification. It also offers in-depth information on implementing Six Sigma in business.

Today, Six Sigma Green Belt certification is considered one of the most popular certifications worldwide. This is due to its focus on business improvement and its applicability to all types of organizations.

Professional Recognition

One reason why most professionals prefer to have Six Sigma under their belt is it offers a certification program with global recognition. These programs teach you how to streamline your business process, and it allows you to progress your career. Whether you are working in an organization or running your business, you can benefit from this certification program. You will hold a certification that holds recognition in the major organizations in the world. For instance, some top companies like Deloitte, Tesla, and Disney recognize this certification program and offer a lucrative career path to professionals who hold this qualification and are part of them.

Due to these reasons, you can take this certification, and if you go for the online option, you can have self-paced training options to prepare for the certification exam.

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