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The customer service is oriented towards the customer and their interests. The points of contact with the company have multiplied with the emergence of new technologies, so it is logical and necessary to be present where the customer is, in order to meet their expectations as closely as possible. Being able to benefit from advice anytime, anywhere is a solid element to generate customer satisfaction, and therefore value. Here are some numbers that prove the importance of quality customer service

78% of consumers have already abandoned a transaction due to poor customer service. 69% of consumers remain loyal if the site accompanies them in their navigation. More than 50% of dissatisfied customers totally stopped ordering in the year following a bad customer service experience. Consumers share a negative and positive experience twice as easily thanks to the Creative Agency Seattle.

The issues related to customer relations and satisfaction are therefore essential for the success and sustainability of a business. To carry out projects related to customer service, you must integrate several concepts on this service.

The efficiency and performance of a customer service is played out in the strategy defined, but also and especially in the tools and the means used to create a quality customer relationship.

To optimize your customer relationship, there is an important tool to put in place, it is a CRM, which will allow to be the central point of the knowledge of your customers. Indeed, this tool allows to know and enrich customer data, including knowing what are their tastes, the interactions they had with this or that page, what products they has already ordered, previous exchanges with the company.

This knowledge offers a real opportunity to develop a personalized relationship, and consequently, to provide a better quality customer experience, and to put in place appropriate marketing strategies supported by the Creative Agency Seattle.

Of course, for the CRM strategy to be effective, you have to have data, and that data has to be generated. Several methods are used to collect data on visitors: cookies, trackers, registration forms or accounts receivable. But that’s not all, tools like click-to-chat can also collect and generate valuable data for the company.

Indeed, when a visitor talks to a consultant, the tracking will go up a certain amount of information on the visitor’s navigation in order to understand their expectations. In concrete terms, you will be able to know which pages are consulted on the site, the products for which they has expressed an interest, their information (email, browser, connection time, number of connections).

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