Reasons For Professional Phone Messages

If your business does not operate 24 hours a day or have a constantly busy switchboard, Professional Phone Messages is the answer that might just save your business.

As most clients call when they want to call not when you would like them to call and will almost always coincide with other urgent calls, Murphy’s Law, and if they call and get a busy line that transfers to a message box, then the Professional Phone Messages (PPMs) better be a standout one or you will find you message box full of dropped calls, which could mean lost clients.

So what is the most important things to consider when it comes to these situations:

1: Most important is to have PPMs system setup and not call holding with that very irritating music playing as that is one sure way of losing a client.

2: The recording should be by a professional, vibrant natured, and personal voice, that grabs your attention from the first word. It has been shown that most calls dropped when listening to the PPMs box is after the first few words have been said by the recorded voice, proving the importance of grabbing the callers’ attention and bring them with incoherent and rushed greetings.

3: It should be short, sweet and to the point without any useless information that callers can get on their own.

The reason many companies employ these professional methods is that PPMs are a very important part of your business when your line is busy or if your offices are closed for any reason, and this is not more important than an emergency that may occur.

Many of these systems employ specific aspects to create a perfect package for your business such as:

  • A PROFESSIONAL VOICE ARTIST – this is very important, as mentioned before, to get the right message across in an attention-grabbing voice, that does not bore the caller.
  • A RECONNECTION TO THE MAIN LINE IF IT BECOMES AVAILABLE DURING MESSAGING – many times while the recorded message is still running the direct line might become available and you then have the option to allow the caller to be put directly through instead of leaving a message
  • A BOOKED CALL BACK SERVICE – many businesses operate with more than one telephone operator and even has a specific operator that only handles the message box, and if the caller leaves a booked time to call back, they know they will be called back at that time and not having a situation where callbacks gets a busy line back and forth
  • A CONNECTION TO EMERGENCY CONTACT – if your business operates with emergencies you can have an option where you can be put through to an emergency operator that knows exactly what to do depending on the emergency
  • A MESSAGE THAT IS CUSTOMIZED TO YOUR BUSINESS – with each business being unique in its way, so can your message. A professional PPMs service will sit down with you and discuss as well as advice on exactly what is the best way to go about doing this recording.

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