Practical Tips To Save On Water Bills

As with all things, an increase in demand usually comes with an increase in price. This is true for water as well. As our population increases, so does our need for water, and it is now more important than ever to become more aware of our consumption. This is not just about our desire to save on water bills, but also about being responsible water consumers.


Upkeep plays a big role when it comes to lowering your monthly water bill. Leaky faucets, toilets, and appliances can run up your bill significantly, and you’re going to find yourself scratching your head in confusion as to why the bills are as high as they are. Make sure you inspect your appliances and facilities regularly to avoid unnecessary water wastage.

Low-flow toilets

This is a great way to reduce your monthly water usage but not something that everyone can afford. If replacing a toilet might not be financially viable, a simple solution is to add some weights to your toilet tank.

Consider using aerators

Considered by many as a favorite hack to save on water bills, an aerator is an attachment that connects to the head of your faucet which then adds an airstream to your water flow. It acts as a sieve and reduces the water that comes through. There is also a resulting increase in water pressure which, of course, works for everyone hence the popularity of this method.

Use a pool cover

Having a pool is great but having this type of luxury in your garden can become quite costly. Something as simple as keeping your pool covered when no one is using it can save you between ten and twenty thousand gallons of water in a year by preventing evaporation.

Support local businesses

You might think that taking your car to the car wash is an unnecessary expense. On the contrary, you can save more than you spend by simply doing so. What’s more, most car wash shops recycle their water, so you’re doing more good for the environment than you think.


Speaking of using recycled water, the water that you use in your sinks, your shower, or even your dishwasher can be recycled and used for simple things like watering the garden or manually flushing the toilets. Get a bit creative.

It’s as simple as that. By being a bit more aware of how you use water, you’ll not only save yourself some money, but you’ll be doing your fellow men a favor as well.

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