Popular Leadership Assessment Types

Why is it so important to conduct leadership assessments? These assessments can reveal many things about how people lead and why they are failing to lead effectively. For example, great leaders need different strengths than managers do. Often, visionary people struggle with more structured ways of communicating. In addition, organizations can benefit from leadership assessments to identify areas of leadership weakness.


Many organizations need an Enneagram leadership assessment. The Enneagram is a personality model based on nine different personality types. People naturally gravitate toward one of these types, and understanding your type can help you in business, self-development, and even your spiritual life. In addition, it helps you understand your motivations and identify stressors. Organizations should consider using an Enneagram assessment to determine whether an employee is a right fit for the position.


When a small emerging organization faced challenges hiring new employees, the DISC Leadership Assessment provided an invaluable map to improve employee interactions. As its sales increased, the company needed to find qualified candidates who fit its culture. However, staff turnover was a major problem for the organization, affecting productivity and causing many costly setbacks. The results of the DISC Assessment also provided insight into the personality types of each team member and provided valuable insights into why previous hires had failed.

DISC assessments can help an organization understand the different styles of workers and make sure that all employees can perform to their maximum potential. Those who have mastered the DISC leadership style can improve their leadership effectiveness and improve the company’s performance in a variety of contexts, including sales, management training, and conflict resolution.

DISC Self-assessment

DISC self-assessment tools are widely available in the market. The primary purpose of these tools is to help managers determine the effectiveness of team leaders. While many leadership assessment tools focus on general leadership, others specialize in DISC. Before choosing a tool for your organization, consider its accuracy and reliability. Make sure it’s backed by a solid business plan.

A DISC test for leadership assessment is an essential part of leadership development, but why would an organization need one? Disc-based personality assessment helps you understand what motivates and drives your team members. You can tailor your approach to each team member, ensuring that each one is on the same page. The DISC assessment is a proven way to make sure that you get the best performance from your people.

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