Ordering Your Prototype Circuit Board

The success of your electronic product depends on the success of its prototype circuit board. If the prototype itself contains flaws, the final PCBs will also have the same flaws. Prototyping is the phase when you should fix everything and do not let any defect enter the production phase. Order your prototype board from a reliable manufacturer. It will offer you precision engineering, perfect tooling, and properly tested prototype board.


The circuit board maker can make different types of PCBs for various applications. It accepts orders for single and double-sided, Teflon, polyimide, multilayer, aluminum, Rogers materials, blind and buried vias PCBs. You can order double-sided PCBs with two solder masks and one silkscreen. It can make the PCB stencils. Order the stencil at the same time you order your PCB to save money on the shipping charge. The PCB service company accepts orders for a minimum of one piece to the full production volume. From one layer up to 24 layers of PCBs can be made. These prototype boards can be made on a wide range of materials. The available finishes include the conventional bare copper as well as gold, white, silver, pink, lead-free HASL, and OSP.

How to Place the Order?

The company has a website where you can place your prototype board order on the order page. You have to first register and create your account. Provide the board details like the number of layers, thickness, quantity, size, material, and quantity. Upload the Gerber file of the PCB. Follow this same submission process for each additional PCB. Now you are ready to checkout securely. You will be asked to provide the shipping address. The shipping charge is determined by the location and the type of shipment speed you select. Make the payment using the online payment option. Your prototype circuit boards will be made and shipped to you within a few days.

Ordering the Stencils

A stencil helps you solder the PCB efficiently and quickly. It is especially useful in SMT assembly. You can choose a framed or frameless stencil. Frameless stencils cost less and weigh lower than the framed stencils. Your shipping cost will be less for the frameless stencils. The data submitted for your PCB will be used to make the stencil. However, if you order the stencil separately, you have to provide its PCB circuit design data and file.

Online prototype PCB service has made it easier to place the orders for PCBs from anywhere in the world. Take advantage of this option to get your prototype board made by a reliable PCB manufacturer.

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