Methods For Delivery Of Communication

The delivery of communication is possible in many ways. Communication is a process that takes time to occur. The process of delivery of communication can take place in the following ways. These are some of the methods of communication used:

Telephone calls and messages

This method is probably the earliest form of communication. In this method, the message sender calls up the person on the other end and talks to them in person. In this method, without wasting time, the message is delivered as soon as possible.

Text messaging and voice messaging.

In this method, texts are sent as messages to mobile phones. With the help of a computer, the message is converted into text messages and then sent to the mobile phone. This is an easy way of communication as one does not have to wait for long intervals to talk to someone. The messages are also sent within a short interval of time to not lose their meaning.


The Internet is another medium of communication. It is used by many people for various purposes. It helps find out information of any kind. Different sites offer different services which are required in communication. The messages are delivered through websites, and it involves sending messages to people who are registered on the website.

Voice communication

This method is also called audio communication. Audio communication is used in case of messages which have to be sent quickly. It involves the sending of sounds through telephones. Some examples of this include telemarketing, live seminars, conference calls, and other such services.

Video communication

Video communication is also one of the widely used methods of communication. In this method, a message is shown to an individual on a television screen. He can respond to it by punching in a number.

Based on the above discussion, it can be seen that the delivery of communication has become a very important field in today’s world. Different services are offered in this field for the convenience of individuals. These services are offered at different rates depending on the service provider. Newspapers, radios, and television news are delivered to the audience by the media management company. The same is true about radio and TV news. All such deliveries of communication mediums deliver a message, though the message may be in a different form. One can get quick access and get to know about the latest happenings through different mediums.

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