Living Green Walls For Businesses And Institutions

Concrete jungles have become a common thing in cities and towns across the world. The lack of trees and plants in our immediate environment at work and at home compromises the air that surrounds us. Most of us pay little or no attention to our innate breathing pattern and the air we breathe. However, this basic physiological process plays an integral part in promoting good health and the kind of life we lead.

Advantages of Living Green Walls

By increasing the greenery inside and around a building, one can dramatically change the air quality in the area. This can be achieved with living green walls. These vertical gardens can be free standing or could be installed onto a wall. Thus, they can be used to aesthetically section off a large open space, or become a part of an existing wall.

Clean Healthy Air

One of the biggest advantages of installing vertical gardens in buildings is that they offer the area a natural air filtration system. Office buildings are full of toxins and noxious gases including carbon monoxide and formaldehyde. Plants can help get rid of them and increase oxygen level in the area.
The indoor air quality improves dramatically and this in turn affects the well being and morale of every one who visits or occupies the building. The green walls can be set up in reception and lobby areas, in office spaces and also on the exterior walls.

Eco Friendly

Green buildings that feature living walls make them environment friendly and greatly reduce their carbon footprint. Office managers can expect to see a fall in energy bills. This is because the presence of the green plants makes the building cooler in the summers and warmer in the winters.
In the summer season, the water vapor released by the plants through transpiration keeps the area around it cooler. In contrast, when the mercury falls, the plants offer natural insulation and reduce the cost of heating the building. If the garden is installed on a wall, there is an empty space between the plants and the wall, this layer of air also acts as insulation.

Improved Work Environment

The presence of plants in one’s immediate environment adds color and character to a room. The color green is pleasing to the eye, and it is also soothing. Experts say that every hour or so office workers should step away from their computers. Doing this reduces the strain to the eyes and also boosts productivity. Another added benefit of investing in vertical gardens is that the plants absorb sounds and reduce the noise level in the building.

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