Is Computer Repairs Business Dead In Penrith?

Is the computer business dead in Penrith? The answer that seems obvious is Yes, but on in-depth scrutiny, no it’s not.

If we look at what used to happen on the business about 5 years ago, we can conclude that the computer repairs business Penrith is almost dying. This is because at that time, it was about swapping motherboards, repairing XP machines, carrying out ram upgrades and installing hard drives.

The rates of such repairs are around $60/hr with other technicians charging up to $120/hr. Many people are not ready to spend such an amount on a $400 computer. Because such computers are slow and checking for bad sectors alone can take up to 5 hours. In the long run, the repair cost exceeds the initial purchasing price. So, most people would prefer buying a new one once it breaks down.

Also, in previous years computer repairs Penrith used to make lots of money doing data recovery and virus removal. However, today, almost every person can Google and get access to free virus scanners. And for those who are handy enough can do most computer repairs by following online tutorials. So businesses that have offered these services over the years view the business as dead.

Computer Repairs Business in Penrith Is Still Booming

Fortunately, the firms that have adapted to the changing market are still finding the business thriving. Computer repairers who have decided to specialize in areas where other shops won’t like for instance, in servers and networks are now reaping the fruits. For them, the computer repairs business in Penrith is not dead.

When you look at the nature of the business today, computer repairs now focus more on software repair, malware removal, and combining systems and devices to function together rather than handling hardware repairs. So the computer repairing businesses in Penrith that have followed this route and specialized in a niche should expect to remain in business for many years to come.

From this, it is evident that only businesses that have adjusted with the market changes can say the computer repairs business is not dead. For the others that keep on providing the same services like 10 years ago, the industry will remain dead. To flourish, you have to keep up with computer repair industry trends and provide your potential customers what they need. One of the best ways of keeping tabs with what’s going in the computer repairs business Penrith industry is to spy on what they are doing. See what they are offering and deliver even better services. You can also charge lower rates when starting to win more customers.

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