Is A Dell Computer Repair Business Really That Lucrative?

You have probably encountered the negative buzz around the computer repairs business model especially the fact that it is supersaturated. To add salt to injury, a quick Google search reveals thousands if not millions of service providers even in the most unexpected of places. Your hope of running a successful Dell computer repairs shop is dwindling by the day. A little inspiration is all you need to jump back into the ship.

Well, to be since with you, a Dell computer repair shop is still a profitable venture if you do it right. Like any other business out there, it has its fair share of challenges but if you can get past those, you will make the dollars rain hard on you. To inspire you, here are the pros of opening a business that deals with computer repair and the average wage of a computer technician according to the industry statistics.

Advantages of a Computer Repairs Business

These are quite the number including:

• On-demand services: Where there are computers, viruses, hardware problems, malware, and other computer-related issues abound. This is where you come in. Your services will be needed round the clock; in offices, schools, and homes.

• Minimal start-up costs, especially if you are going to run the business from home. If you are IT expert or experienced DIY repair and maintenance repair professional, you already got pretty much of what you will need.

• Wide target market compared to other businesses

• Freedom to choose your workload

• Ability to contract with small businesses.

Wages of a Computer Technician

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the average annual wage of a computer technician stood at $38,550 in 2012. This translated to an average hourly rate of $18.53. It gets even better; the top 10% made more than $57,590 per year or $28.87 per hour. You can be sure the current wages are even higher. Obviously, these rates will depend on a number of things including your expertise, the industry you concentrate on, the number of hours worked, and so on. The bottom-line is, you can earn a decent income from being a computer technician.

We hope knowing how much a computer technician is paid and the advantages of opening a Dell computer repairs shop has given you the needed push to set things in motion. It’s true; the challenges of running a computer repairs shop are also numerous but aren’t those present in every business? Fix your mind on the bright side of the venture and take the plunge; it will eventually pay off.

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