How Super Glue For Veins Works: A Quick Guide

Varicose veins can develop as early as 18 years and generally affect a large percentage of men and a majority of women. Some of its symptoms include leg cramps, heavy feeling on the leg and leg swelling. As a common problem, varicose veins affect almost up to 30% of adults in the UK. Thankfully, there are a number of highly effective invasive treatments that can be used to manage varicose veins. One of these treatments is superglue for the veins.

How It Works

Taking no more than 30 minutes and involving just one local anesthetic injection, this procedure is totally different from stripping in which the vein is pulled out of the body. This kind of treatment uses only a small amount VenaSeal to seal up the inner walls of the veins. The glue is inserted into the patient’s veins through a fine catheter tube thereby directing blood flow to other veins of the legs.

Since this process requires only a single needle insertion, the patient’s risk of infection and pain is significantly reduced. It works by physically sealing the bulging varicose veins and redirecting the blood flow through the healthy veins. It also results in faster recovery time and also eliminates the need for the patients to put on compression stockings.

Before the procedure

Here are a few things that you need to remember before undergoing super glue for veins procedure:

• You do not need to stop the use of medications.

• Do not shave your legs.

• Do not use any moisturizer on the treatment day.

• Wear loose trousers, slacks or shorts to the appointment and ensure that your shoes are comfortable.

• There is no needed for any premedication

During The Procedure

During the procedure, you may feel some minor stinging or pain with the injection of the local anesthetic to numb the site. Once the area is numb the doctor will insert the catheter. After the treatment, the catheter is removed and the puncture site is dressed.

After The Procedure

There are a few things that you should expect after the procedure, including:

• You will be free to go home after achieving a 10 minutes’ walk.
• You’ll be advised to walk for at least 15 minutes per day.
• You will continue with the normal exercise activities after 48 hours.
• Your veins will be checked again with ultrasound 2 weeks after the treatment

Well, that is basically how the procedure works. Any patient who has large protruding veins that causes itching, pain, aching, and throbbing is a candidate for super glue for veins treatment.

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