How Much Will It Cost Me To Repair My Mac Computer?

There’s no doubt that a Mac computer is a great asset. Its processing speed and storage are quite impressive. Another thing that sets these computers apart is the fact that they don’t need drivers. Macs have their software built into the hardware. This means that there is no need to keep fussing with drivers and updates. Basically, these are some of the features that matters the most for the majority of people. There’s one issue though: a Mac computer can develop a problem just like any other computer. And when it comes to repairs, the cost that you are going to incur matters a lot. Generally, it’s important to know how much Mac computer repair costs so that you can establish if the repair is worth it.

The Repair Options

When it comes to repairing your Mac computer, you normally have two options:

a) Apple Service

If your Mac computer is under a warranty (normally 1 year) or AppleCare+ Coverage (usually 3 years), the most sensible thing to do is to send it to Apple. The advantage is that you won’t pay anything if your cover is active. When making the reservation, make sure you have your Apple ID with you plus the password.

In case of a Mac Notebook, you’ll have to wait to receive a safety box for putting your computer prior to sending. You should know, however, that AppleCare+ only covers two accidental damages. For extra accidental damages, you need to pay a service fee. For example, you’ll need to pay $99 to fix your Mac screen. For other extra accidental damages, you may spend up to $299 per problem.

b) Local Mac Repair

There are local Mac repairs Sydney shops that you can visit to have your Mac computer fixed. As expected, all Mac repair shops have their own prices. However, don’t expect this option to be cheaper than what you pay Apple as a service fee. Of course, the price you pay for the repair depends on the type of damage. Here are some of the costs you could incur:

• At least $159 to replace a damaged hard drive

• At least $349 to fix the logic board

• At least $199 to repair a damaged screen

• At least $89 to fix a computer fan

Clearly, it’s not cheap for a Mac Repair in Sydney. However, you stand to spend less if your computer is covered by AppleCare+. If you opt for a local repair service, then you should only consider experienced Mac technicians. That’s the only way to have your Mac computer working as new.

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