How Do 311 City Services Really Work?

As a resident of a city in the US, you have the right to request particular services. In the case of emergencies, you can call 911. However, if it’s a municipal issue, the number to use is 311. You can call the number, initiate a live chat, use the mobile 311 app, do it over social media or use 311 online portals to report issues like illegal dumping, faulty street lights, and a bad road. The application is quite popular in Boston, Columbus, LA, Denver, NYC, San Diego, and Chicago among other cities. Regardless of the 311 route that you opt for, the basics are the same. Here’s what to know about how 311 city services work:

Personal Information

You are required to give your personal information to the person on the other side. In the case of the 311 app, you’ll need to feed your personal information at the ‘reporter section’. You’ll see the tab on the user’s interface. All you need to share is your name, address, and other contact details. You will need to enable GPS if you are using the app to disclose your location.

Confirmation Message

Whether you make a call, use the app or do it via the 311 online portals, you’ll get a confirmation number that shows your request has been received. You can use the reference number to make follow-ups in case you don’t get a given details or for other related services. In case nothing is done after making the report, you can track it using the reference number.

Information Sharing

This does not refer to your personal information but the details of what you have reported. It normally applies to online submissions. App owners or site visitors with the same issue are able to see that the problem has been reported and that plans are underway to fix it.

Response Plans

Once your request has been received, the city will set up a response team to follow up the matter and to provide the necessary solution. Once the issue has been solved, online users will see the ‘closed status’ sign.

Using 311 city services is now easier than ever before. You have so many ways of using the service when in need of reporting something affecting your city or making a suggestion. Irrespective of how you decide to make the report, the process is all the same as described above.

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