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In Windows and Mac systems, it is customary to use the registry keys necessary to enter in the new programs created ad hoc by the programmer of the virus that start automatically at startup. One of the weaknesses of the system is the Windows registry. However, there are various programs to keep track of these keys.

One of these is Absolute Startup, which at regular time intervals performs a scan of risk areas of the registry to see if a new virus or abnormal program was added in those keys. Computer viruses have many similarities with the biological ones as regards life cycle, which is divided into the following phases:

Creation: it is the phase in which the developer plans, programs and spreads the virus. Usually crackers use low-level programming languages (such as C) in order to obtain viral code of a few hundred bytes. The dissemination of software packages that allow even inexperienced users to create dangerous viruses has made the process of creating viruses accessible even to people without skills.

Incubation: the virus is present on your computer but does not perform any activity. Remains inert until you experience the conditions for its activation. Infection: the virus infects system files. Activation to the conditions established by the cracker, the virus starts the harmful action. Propagation: the virus spreads the infection, reproducing and infecting both files in the same machine and other systems, which form part of Mac Repairs Sydney.

Recognition (in some cases this phase does not occur): the virus is recognized as such and is detected by the recognition string, ie the signature that distinguishes each virus. Extirpation is the last stage of the life cycle of the virus. The virus is eliminated from the system.

Computer viruses can be divided into categories according to the following characteristics: development environment, operational capabilities of the algorithms and the destructive capabilities.

There are also combinations of the above categories: for example, there are viruses that are simultaneously file viruses and boot viruses. In this case, their algorithm of infection is more complex being able to perform different attacks.

Development Environment

Viruses are spread over different physical media and for this reason are classified in various ways as part of Mac Repairs Sydney. You may also encounter in games, such as 4Story download, Cabal etc. Often there are customers who have experienced particular problems of harboring the virus in the Java cache.

There is a general method for identifying a virus within a system. The detection techniques used of the virus are different: used simultaneously they guarantee an excellent chance of detecting the presence of a virus.

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