Getting The Most Out Of Seed Growing Kits: How To Get Your Kids Into Home Gardening

Kids love dirt. They like playing with it and so it’s not a big deal to use the opportunity to encourage them to get into gardening. However, you require a powerful motivational factor other than just a piece of land at home. You can get the motivation in kids’ seed growing kits. These kits are specifically designed for kids. They are playful in nature and contain all the basic things that your kids need to grow their own vegetables at home. You can get the most out of them if you provide some extra motivation to your kids. Here are 4 ways to do it:

Plan with Them

Since the garden will be under the care of the kids, it makes sense to involve them from the very beginning. Let them know what it takes to use the kits. You also need to encourage them to make suggestions and help them implement them. It is also important to let them know the end results as well as the consequences of certain actions.

Assign Responsibilities

Every child wants to appear and feel useful. You can ensure that this is the case by assigning tasks. Let some of them be involved in the seedbed preparation and others in preparing the main garden. You should also assign tasks when it comes to transplanting and irrigation. Ensure that the responsibilities are balanced so that every child feel appreciated.

Give them the Freedom to Choose

For starters, you should allow them to pick the kind of seeds that they want to grow. Most kits come with seeds for tomatoes, sweet pepper, pumpkin, and carrots. They can decide if they’ll plant everything or just a single species. Of course, you can advise them depending on the ecological conditions.

Involve them in the Harvesting

If there’s a happy moment in the whole process, it has to be the harvest time. Your kids will enjoy reaping the benefits of their efforts after months of labor. You can allow them to consume the produce at home and share some with their friends. This will definitely encourage them during the next planting season. Depending on the harvest, you can also allow them to sell some of their produce so that they understand the value of agribusiness from a tender age.

There’s no doubt that kids seed growing kits are a motivation themselves. They easily encourage your kids to get into home gardening as they associate it with play. But still, there are things you can do to get the most out of them. You can start with the above ideas.

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