Fix Your Crawl Space: Save Energy And Improve Home Comfort

Did you know that your crawl space has a major impact on indoor air quality, energy efficiency, home value, and comfort? Imagine stagnant water on the floor and falling insulation materials. Neglected basements have a nasty look. But a well-maintained areas can transform the aesthetics of your home from bad to beautiful. If your space has performance and appearance issues, encapsulation is the way to go.

Vents Are The Culprits

One of the reasons most builders create crawlspaces is that they are less expensive and easier to build than normal foundations for basements. The crawl space comprises vents or openings that allow in the air from the outside. This air then finds its way into the living room and other areas. The traditional material for insulating an understructure is fiberglass. It is installed between the joists. The floor is made of poured concrete or soils.

Problems of Having an Unkempt Crawlspace

With time, the crawlspace starts creating several issues. For instance, the warm and moist air that accumulates in summer condenses on the cooler surfaces at night. This creates a perfect condition for mold growth. If there are any wooden materials, they start warping and cracking. They also attract pests such as carpenter ants and termites. Pest colonies will cause more damage to the wood. The fiberglass insulation is susceptible to moisture and when it absorbs water, it sags and falls off the ground. This creates a mess on the floor.

In winter, a new set of issues can emerge. Concrete floors get cold where there is insufficient insulation. This forces you to increase the heat settings hence a high energy bill at the end of the month. Regardless of the season, the cracks and gaps can bring indoor air pollution. This may lead to airborne illnesses from mold spores.

How Crawl Space Ventilation Service Seattle Can Help, need your crawl space inspected by an expert? Call today for an estimate from a qualified professional from Seattle. Find help with:
• Proper insulation
• Sealing of cracks
• Ventilation
• Mold removal
• Humidity control
• General crawl space cleanup

Do not overlook the impact that a crawlspace can have on your house. It is one of the less frequented areas and most people tend to neglect it. However, its condition has some far-reaching impressions on your property. It can actually cost you and compromise the safety and value of your home. Since most problems have to do with airflow, you might want to consider the best crawl space ventilation service Seattle.

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