Find A Wealth Of Pepperoni Recipes

Most people do not know that traditional sausage is never cooked. Instead, it is fermented with a type of probiotic that eats some of the sausage while at the same time producing lactic bacteria that transforms the raw meat into a form that looks and tastes cooked. It can take months to complete the fermentation process for sausage and pepperoni, but the results are safe to eat and absolutely delicious. Find an abundance of pepperoni recipes on a specialty website.

Like other sausages, pepperoni is fermented using lactic bacteria, a type of bacteria that is safe because it is naturally found in your mouth and stomach. The delicious creation that we call pepperoni is different because it contains less fat and more spices. Pepper is a major ingredient, hence the name. It is stiffer because it dries out and it mostly retains fat juices in order to keep it moist. As a dry sausage, it has a sharp taste and is a bit of a challenge to slice.

The good news is that these very properties makes pepperoni great for pizza. It complements the cheese and the bread. Pizza sauce is made using pepper as an ingredient, and dipping bread in pepper and olive oil is also an Italian favorite. Pepperoni just goes along with this long culinary heritage of combining bread, oil, and spices.

Pepperoni has a few other uses such as a flavoring in salad and perhaps an ingredient in stews. The problem is that it is such a strongly flavored sausage that it is used in moderation. Authentic sausage has a strong peppery flavor while the type that is used on commercial pizzas tends to be milder with just enough kick to be recognizable. You can make your own sausage thick or thin, but be aware there are quite a few recipes from which to choose.

Spices such as paprika, cayenne pepper, and anise and salt are also used. Authentic pepperoni shrinks during the curing process and so it appears crinkled in its sheathe. For the home sausage maker, there are a lot of recipes from which to choose. There are faster ways and more traditional ways. It is possible to choose between spicy an mild, and the cook should beware that a little spice goes a long way.

Visit a site that gives you all the pepperoni recipes you will ever need. Follow a recipe so that no single flavor will be over powering. Your creation should be delicious rather than bland or an assault on the senses. Become a pepperoni guru today.

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