Factors To Consider Before Publishing An App To App Store

There is no approved or suggested formula one should follow to Publish App to App Store; it all depends on the features and the type of content your app has. Different factors determine how your app will be published; however, you need to do your research to find out the things you should do before and after you get your app published. But, other general factors should always be considered to make everything successful. The following are the significant factors always to consider:

Analyze your market

Before you have your Publish App to App Store, first analyze the market, identifying your competitors, see how they do their things, not copy what they do, and get to know what you can use as your competitive advantage. In the same, you should try to understand the industry at large, find out what your target group loves most, and if your app’s features will be of great help to them. If you find anything new you had not realized before and it seems to give your target group a better understanding of your work provide them with satisfaction, you should consider adding it to your app.

Create branding visuals

Images are the major thing that attracts customers or consumers of any given product; therefore, you should consider creating visuals that will represent your brand for you to win many users. You need to be keen when trying to choose the right color, theme, screenshots, and designs, as this is what will determine the number of consumers you will have to visit or downloading your app. The image you create should directly relate to the content on your app; it should act as a guide telling your users what they should expect on the app.

Test the app

You should do thorough app testing before releasing your app to the public; it is a crucial step that should not be ignored as it will give you more confidence in what your users have. The procedure you use for this should be holistic enough to ensure that every arising issue gets a solution at the end. You will enhance your app stickiness once you test the app and understand where to make changes and reduce any sensitivities.


From creating an app to publishing it, the whole process needs commitment; therefore, you should always follow every step to ensure you are giving your best. The things you do before you publish the app are likely to determine your long-term success of how people will embrace the app.

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