Custom Beanies, Not Just For Warmth Anymore

Custom Beanies, not just for warmth anymore.

Beanies are not just for keeping you warm in winter or those cold and chilly nights, only, anymore. As most of us will know you lose most of your body heat through your head and the beanie is the perfect weapon to fighting this escaping heat.

No, it has now become a fashion statement, a supporters reflection of his team or country, his favorite vehicle, or even improved with some tech as well.

So what are these Custom Beanies, and why are they so popular?

  • THE HIGH TECH CUSTOM: one custom that has hit the beanie market by storm lately is your high tech customization.

This includes built-in Bluetooth technology, built-in earphones for listening to your favorite tunes while keeping your ears and head warm all at the same time.

  • THE SPORTS FANATIC: So you at the game, it is cold it is chilly so you whip it out! Your favorite team customized beanie!

The team that is wiping the floor with their opponents, is your team and there you are screaming your lungs out and the crowd-cam catches you and zooms in on your beanie, the crowd goes wild!

Your custom made beanie with the team’s colors and logo or badge in the front or all over, as it is your customization, is a winner amongst all the fans and so is your team.

  • THE FASHION STATEMENT? when I say fashion statement, I am not talking fashion walkway or fashion magazine, no I mean funny, geeky, and nerdy!

Customized to be as funny and geeky as possible seems to the calling in today’s fashion statements.

From flashy colors to weird shapes and extra’s like floppy ears to helicopter blades and elf ears, the weirder there better!

  • THE EXTREMIST: So you want to climb Mount Kilimanjaro or walk the arctic shelf or even go dog sledding across the Tandra?

Included in your extreme gear packs must be a customized beanie. Customed to withstand the lowest temperatures and ice blasts, with built n face mask (something close to a ski-mask) but also has clear goggles, that doesn’t mist up.

Some even have battery-powered or solar-powered heaters built into the fibers, so keeping your dome as heated as possible will protect the most important organ that will keep you alive in times of extreme weather conditions.

  • THE ANIMAL LOVER: I think the name says it all, the animal you love the most and your Beanie can be a customer to be its head or face.

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