Corporate Wedding Bands: Make Money Playing Wedding Gigs

Making money playing music has become harder than ever, with diminished revenue coming from royalties and streaming. As a result, many bands are turning to weddings to supplement their income and for good reasons—the average wedding gig will pay around $2,000-$10,000, one of the highest paid bookings on GigMaster.

That said, it’s important to note that corporate wedding bands do not have it easy, either. There are literally hundreds of bands competing for the same gigs, making it imperative for a band to fashion itself as a unique and dynamic entertainer in order to make it. With this in mind, how does a band set itself up for regular wedding gigs? Well, here are a few tips that corporate wedding bands can leverage to stand out from the crowd:

1. Prepare a unique repertoire

Chicken dances, bad mullets, bad tuxedos. Cheesy weddings bands are a dime a dozen and nobody really wants to hire one for their event. Although there’s still some demand for classics, most couples are looking for something unique. This becomes more critical when a corporate client comes knocking because they can be so demanding. You’ve got to learn to be versatile and adaptable, thinking outside the box. Who says that bluegrass bands and New Orleans-style soul and funk cannot rock a wedding party? And Indie rock types get married, too, and need something tailored to their taste. Build a repertoire of wedding songs that you would happily play at your own wedding.

2. Get promotional

Every band needs to advertise to make sure potential clients know about you. Get your photos, audio and videos on a good online platform, starting with your own website where you can post them on your ”Wedding Page.” Needless to say, your samples have to showcase your very best, meaning they have to be professionally done and edited. Furthermore, you can list on sites like GigMaster, Yelp, free classified sites.

3. Sharpen your bidding skills

Corporate wedding bands present a whole different ballgame. The good part: these people will pay good money for a job well done, unlike many clubs which will try to skim you off. Have a front man on your band with good people skills that can convince clients that you are worth the money you are asking for. Here are some nice bidding tips by 5-star GigMaster guitarist, Jim Perona to help you along:

Helping a couple celebrate their big day can not only be financially rewarding but also emotionally satisfying, too. Get your act together, and you could be going places.

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