Camping In Meghalaya: 3 Reasons You Should Visit Now

If you’re looking for a new adventure, Camping in Meghalaya is the perfect option. Camping is an outdoor activity that’s becoming more and more popular as people realize how it helps them enjoy nature even better. Camping in Meghalaya has been recently popularized by social media influencers from all over the world as they post pictures of their adventures to Instagram and other platforms. Here are three reasons why you should plan your next vacation around Meghalaya!

The rich culture: Camping offers a chance to experience a different way of life that other places simply can’t offer you. The Indian state is home to many cultures including Hinduism, Christianity, and Buddhism. Camping in Meghalaya provides a chance to learn about the traditions of each group, which is especially interesting for backpackers who enjoy staying in hostels.

The beautiful scenery: this type of camping is like camping anywhere else with one major difference: the beauty all around you! The northeast state offers tourists views they won’t find in any other location including waterfalls, rivers, hills, mountains- even caves that are home to unique animals such as bats or monkeys. Camping here allows people from all over the world to experience these spectacular scenes up close and personal!

The delicious food: Camping can be challenging since you have limited equipment… but this doesn’t mean your meal options will suffer! Camping in a place like this allows you to try some of the best local cuisines from around India. Campers can expect a delicious blend of traditional meat and vegetarian options as well as tasty rice dishes! There are plenty of vendors near all campsites who will prepare food for campers upon request, making it easy to eat healthy foods while traveling throughout this incredible state.

The adventure: Camping is an excellent way to explore new locations at your own pace without worrying about spending too much money on expensive lodgings or transportation costs. Campgrounds across the region offer opportunities for visitors looking for thrilling expeditions including everything from hikes along mountain trails to visits with friendly locals- even cave exploration or white water rafting! Campers have unlimited access during the night to incredible views of the stars and animals like wild boars, leopards, bears, or elephants.

Camping is an excellent way for travelers looking to experience rural India at their own pace without sacrificing quality comforts while exploring every part of the amazing state of Meghalaya!

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