Benefits Of Banking On Automated Parking Systems In San Francisco

Before we jump straight to the aspect of automated parking, it will perhaps be worthwhile to understand the dynamics around San Francisco, America’s most densely populated city. While it is not the worst city in terms of traffic congestion, clearly, it is one of the busiest cities in the U.S. For many years, finding parking space around the city has been a real gamble but thanks to the introduction of parking meters by the Municipal Transportation Agency in 2011. The system allows motorists to book a parking space at garages and city-operated parking facilities and pay via a credit or debit card.

With the cost of parking growing higher by the day, investors are now rethinking the type of parking systems to install and what has come out clearly is that Automated parking systems have the potential to ease traffic congestion and help cut the cost of parking within the city of San Francisco and its environs. Because the city operates automated parking meters around the city streets, it is possible for you to park on the streets via a pre-paid payment system.

What is the cost of Parking in San Francisco?

While it is considered an affordable parking system, the rates depend on the demand, meaning that you pay anywhere between $0.25 to $6 for every hour your car spends in the parking facility. Essentially, the rates will vary depending on the available spaces. The system operates on a time-based pricing model and its technology leverages sensors that help to monitor and track the availability of parking lots. This information is then passed on to the data feed via a wireless media and which can be accessed via the internet.

How Do You Benefit from Automated Parking Systems?

Here are some of the advantages that can be derived from an automated parking system.

Affordable parking Rates

The current parking system in San Francisco is what experts call a revenue-neutral, so there’s no worry about the increased cost of parking. Going by the existing records that reveal that at no moment has the rates surpassed the $8 per hour, it is evident that the parking solution remains sustainable.

Potential to Reduce San Francisco’s Traffic Congestion

While San Francisco does not come first when it comes to traffic congestion, it is one of the contenders of this position in the U.S. drivers surveyed say they spend numerous hours behind the wheels trying to look for where to park. And since many people are looking for the same space almost the same time, it can be extremely difficult if not impossible to find somewhere to store your car. The purpose of smart parking technology is to resolve such traffic problems. The reason these automated parking garages are becoming popular is that they allow drivers to know the available spaces in advance and allow them to make use of the least congested route, and easily pay for space at a touch of a button.

If you have a smartphone, you can easily look up, find, and book for free parking spaces before you reach the Parking System San Francisco.

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