An Overview Of The Fluorochemical Industry In 2019

There are a ton of different products and applications where Fluorochemicals are needed. These applications form part of some of the highest rated consumables globally which explains the rapid growth witnessed over the years in this industry. To give you better insight, here’s a detailed overview of what you can expect in the fluorochemicals sector in 2019.

What are Fluorochemicals?

Fluorochemicals are simply chemicals used to make different products or included as additives during the manufacturing stage of various consumables. Their main composition is fluorine, which has a number of properties that make it particularly desirable to wide range commercial, industrial, and medical applications. In particular, it is electronegative and highly reacts with different elements forming compounds with all elements except 3 noble gases. Due to these amazing properties, flourochemiclas have a plethora of applications in a wide range of industries. This explains why the fluorochemicals market is divided into two main categories: product market and the applications market segments.

• Products segment: Here fluorochemicals industry are used to make products like fluoropolymers, fluorocarbons, specialties, and inorganics. Of all these, fluoropolymers are the highest sellers owing to how strong they are, their ability to remain stable when exposed to heat, and high level of durability.

• Applications: Fluorochemicals are used as part of the needed raw materials during the production of different consumables.Examples include refrigeration tools, Sodium fluoride in toothpaste, electronics, cars and other automobiles, aluminum, blowing agents, lubricants, and coatings on metal cutlery, textile and clothing among many others.

How Does The Future Look Like For The Fluorochemicals Industry?

Some of the companies and states to make it to the list of top fluorochemical buyers and producers include, Halocarbon Product corporation and 3M company in the USA, Asahi glass Co. Ltd in Japan, Air products and chemicals Inc. in the US, MexiChem SAB de CV in Mexico, Solvay in Belgium, Dupont in US, Daikin Industries Ltd in Japan, Gujarat Fluorochemicals Ltd in India, and Arkema in France.

An increase in fluorochemicals production has seen serious environmental impact. Owing to negative effects such as environmental degradation, global warming and the depletion of the ozone layer, the fluorochemical industry appears to be standing on shaky ground. If market demand is anything to go by, this industry is bound to face some tough times.

The products category of the fluorochemicals industry is headed for a slow growth.However, the same cannot be said about the applications category as the demand for it remains high and constant. With regions like North America holding majority of the market share, it is an indication that consumption and applications is set to see more growth.

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