ABCs Of Lash Extensions Miami

When it comes to Lash Extensions Miami, you should choose the best products.

At the beginning of the session, you will advise with your beautician to decide what kind of look you prefer and what you want to get from the treatment. Then you will sit on a reclining chair or on a massage table, while the beautician removes makeup and greasy residues from your eyelashes. After combing, it will start to select single fibers of various lengths and apply them one by one on natural lashes thanks to a light waterproof adhesive.

The different lengths are chosen so as to enhance and embellish the natural shape of the eye without weighing down the eyelid. In the case of Russian Volume eyelashes, a fiber can hold up to 5 individual eyelashes, so make sure you do a research first to make the right decision.

What should you expect?

The application of Lash Extensions Miami is completely painless, but rather long: it lasts between one and two hours, so it’s good to know when booking. Approximately 50-150 eyelashes are applied to each eye during a session, and during the appointment you could even take a nap.

During the first 24 hours following the treatment, you should not moisten the lashes, so that the adhesive settles properly. After this period, you can swim, take a shower and wash your face and eyes without damaging the glue. But to keep them in place for as long as possible, avoid the eyelash curler, the tricks and the oil-based cleaners, because they can weaken the attachment and shorten the duration of the extensions. Would you like to find out what effect it does?


Every preference of the specific adhesive to glue the extensions, in my opinion, goes to the perception of the master. Some of us prefer the more liquid ones, some the more compact ones, others the deep black ones and others the grayish ones. All these aspects, in fact, are perceived to the touch, to the slide, according to the consistency and adherence.

Expert: an ideally liquid glue, black with brown tint, creates a subtle and safe adherence for up to 6 weeks. Drying in suitable environment (humidity 55-65%, t 18-24C): 1-2 sec.

4G “Advanced”: the glue looks beautiful liquid, but at the same time also a little ‘compact, black with brown hue. With this glue you do not need to smear, but simply take the exact amount (two tiny droplets) and approach the natural eyelash: you immediately see the show, when the droplets from the sun spread over the natural eyelashes. Drying in suitable environment (humidity 55-65%, t 18-24C): 1 sec.

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