5 Usual Team Building Activities Recommended For Sydney Teachers

Sometimes being a teacher in Sydney can be quite lonely, stressful, boring, and monotonous. So, it is important to cultivate a sense of team unity among teachers to encourage growth and moral support within the school’s working environment. To achieve this, you can get the teaching staff together for bonding activities that will encourage relationships, boost spirits, and create memories that will last throughout the year, and nothing is better suited to achieve this than team building ideas Sydney.

Here are 5 recommended team building activities Sydney teachers can enjoy and benefit from.

Ankle Race

Place a line using painter’s tape through the middle of each team’s space. Through teamwork, the teams have to slide sideways along the length of the tape while ensuring their ankle bones remain in contact. Whenever a team loses contact, it has to begin from the start again. This promotes communication as the team figures out how to accomplish tasks collectively.

Balloon tower

This is an exciting building challenge that involves giving teams a bag of deflated balloons and cello tape. The goal is to build a free-standing tower as high as possible using the balloons and tape within a specified period of time. This helps to promote teamwork, communication, and encourage creativity.

The perfect question

During the next staff meeting, assemble subject or grade level teachers together and engage them with this challenge. Ask them to brainstorm the perfect question the school’s head should ask when hiring a new staff member for their subjects or grades. The purpose of the question is to evaluate if the new teacher is right for the subject or grade. Have the groups share their perfect questions with the entire team.

Staff timeline

This is one of the team building ideas Sydney teachers can use to visually see their school’s history. Develop a large timeline for the school’s history and add in when each staff member joined the school, significant moments or occasions in the school’s history, and fun things such as when younger teachers were born in comparison to when older staff began their careers. It is a fun way for staff to learn new things about the school and their colleagues.

Blanket Flip

Get some old blankets and have the team’s take off their shoes. Spread out the blankets and get everyone to stand on it. The teams must try to flip the blanket over without taking their feet off the blanket within a specified period of time.

These team building activities are not only fun but also a great way for teachers to learn about each other. They are also effective at building teamwork and encouraging communication among the teaching staff. The best part about it is that they can be performed anywhere, even within the school compound or buildings.

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