5 Tips For Hosting A Vegetarian Dinner Party

When vegetarian friends come over, it can be challenging to know what to make for dinner.

What is a vegetarian dinner party?

At this vegetarian dinner party, we’ll have a pasta dish and vegetarian meatballs.

What are vegetarian appetizers? Vegetarian entrees typically center on vegetarian proteins with veggies. Still, you can also use beans or lentils as your protein source. We will be making zucchini eggplant lasagna rolls for the main course. For dessert, chocolate peanut butter tartlets if desired–or even just some fresh fruit!

Before The Meal: When guests arrive at our house, they get to choose from several different types of wines that do not contain alcohol. Hence, no one has to feel excluded—and everyone gets the chance to pick something new they might like to try next time. I always offer water in addition to this if people want it.

During The Meal: A vegetarian meal is perfect for a dinner party because there are so many different dishes to choose from and make – all at the same time! It’s not any more difficult than preparing an omnivore menu–you just have to know what vegetarian proteins can replace meat in each dish, or you could go without one altogether. One idea I love has some fried eggplant slices as appetizers with a fresh herb sauce—they’re delicious on their own or dipped into horseradish mayonnaise.

It Doesn’t Have To Be Fancy: Sometimes, we try to do too much when hosting vegetarian dinners, but anything that has veggies will work great here (and even better yet, vegetables in a vegetarian form). For example, you could make eggplant wraps with tzatziki sauce and baba ghanoush.

Garnishes: We like to garnish vegetarian dishes with fresh herbs, but using any vegetable can work well too!

Here are 5 vegetarian dinner party tips that will help you get started!

1) Always plan.

a) Keep vegetarian-friendly options in your cupboards and fridge.

b) Make sure to have vegetarian alternatives for bread, dips, sauces, desserts, etc.

c) Include vegetarian dishes on the menu that can be made beforehand or as sides (e.g., vegetarian sliders). This reduces last-minute stress.

d) Plan vegetarian-friendly appetizers and finger foods.

e) Consider vegetarian kid’s menu items or vegetarian dishes that children will enjoy but are also healthy for adults (such as “vegetable” pizza).

f) Cook vegetarian ingredients now, such as lentils, so that you can use them in your vegetarian dishes.

g) Keep vegetarian ingredients in your fridges such as soy sauce, tamari, vegetarian Worcestershire sauce, and vegetarian crumbles for easy last-minute additions to any dish.

2) Get creative with vegetarian ingredients

3) Include a vegetarian main dish and appetizer

4) Make sure there is enough variety in your menu options, so guests don’t feel bored or overwhelmed by the choices

5) Serve vegetarian wines

Vegetarian dinner parties are a fun and delicious way to spend time with friends.

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