5 Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Your Tupperware Water Bottles

Most people barely get to take the recommended eight glasses of water per day. Adequate hydration means that your body can easily flush out toxins, digest food better, transport nutrients, regulate your body temperature and generally maintain fluid balance. This makes a Tupperware water bottle a must-have for any serious individual.

Before you purchase Tupperware bottles online or from physical stores, you need to know how to get the most out of them. Here are some tips.

Give It A Specific Purpose

Don’t just carry a water bottle because you have one. Carry your bottle because it has a specific job that it serves for you. Good examples include a bottle for gym practice, a bottle for your car, and a bottle for your backpack and so on. Find that one place where you spend the most time—your office, in your car, bike or strolling with your backpack. Make sure that there’s a Tupperware bottle there always.

Keep It Simple

Digital advancements have made their way into everything, including water bottles. It’s no surprise to find water bottles featuring timers, fancy designs, buttons and covers and more. But all this means very little when you can’t use it for its intended purpose—hydration. Ordinary water bottles are functional, easy to clean and easy to refill.

Sterilize Often

Some people may argue that a water bottle doesn’t need sterilization; after all, it just carries water. Look at it this way; the hands you use to hold the bottle aren’t as clean as you think. Assuming you drink water from it after eating, there is probably some amount of bacteria left on the brim of your bottle. The bottom line is, you must not only clean your bottle on a daily basis but also sterilize it often to get rid of germs and bacteria.

Change The Water Daily Or As Necessary

Could be that you managed to drink water from other sources and didn’t get to finish all the water inside your bottle. This means that you still have some left in there. Do you refill the next day or do you pour all the old water out and add fresh water inside? It is advisable to change the water in your bottle daily. It helps to avoid infections and other health complications caused by organisms hidden inside the old water.

Accessories for Enhanced Durability

How do you make sure your Tupperware water bottle serves you for a long duration? Well, by accessorizing it. Keep your Tupperware bottle inside a fitted protective cover or handle. This is meant to keep it from falling and shattering.

A Tupperware bottle is an environmentally-friendly option compared to other types of materials. Having one is not only a great favor to your surroundings but also great ways to ensure you never get thirsty. Above are tips to help you get the most out of your Tupperware bottles.

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