5 Things You Need To Know About Solar Inverter Replacement

The solar inverter is the most crucial part of your solar panel. Without it, your solar panel will ultimately be rendered ineffective. As important as the inverter is, this part is vulnerable to damages just like other parts of the panel. But when the inverter gets damaged or faulty, the best way to restore the usability of your solar panel is by having the inverter replaced. As easy as a replacement might sound, it is nonetheless a huge topic.

Here are the 5 things you need to know about solar inverter replacement.

It should be strictly done by professionals

Solar inverter installation and replacement should be strictly left to professionals. Even for people who might think they can replace their inverter themselves just because they know a thing or two about how solar panels work, this can be a huge mistake. While attempting to replace your inverter, you might easily ruin not just the inverter itself but also the entire panel. As such, leave your replacement tasks to an experienced professional who has dealt with solar panels for long.

Replacement costs aren’t fixed

The cost of replacing a solar inverter isn’t fixed. Several factors affect cost. For instance, the cost varies depending on the type of converter you are replacing your faulty converter with. Some inverters are expensive than others. Furthermore, replacement costs can be different depending on the professional replacing the converter. Some professionals will charge higher replacement costs than others.

Cheap replacements come at a cost

Cheap solar inverter replacement services don’t translate to better replacements. Cheap replacement services always do replacements in a manner that compromises the functionality of the inverter and the whole solar system. When the inverter isn’t replaced properly, that translates to a poorly functioning solar panel that can’t meet your energy needs.

The warranty can cover the replacement cost

Your solar panel’s warranty can cover the cost of replacing the inverter. But most warranties don’t cover for inverters that have been installed improperly or inverters that exhibit signs of wear and tear. Again, some companies don’t accept warranties intended to cover the cost of replacement as a result of damage by improper maintenance.

Replacement should be done promptly

Inverter replacement should be done as soon as the solar panel starts exhibiting signs of a faulty inverter. You don’t have to wait for the entire unit to cease functioning for you to troubleshoot your panel for inverter problems. Have your panel checked regularly by a professional for you to know when replacement is necessary.

Solar inverter replacement can help increase both the usability and the lifespan of your solar panel. Ensure that the inverter replaced as soon as you observe any signs of damage.

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