5 Situations When DOT Driver Supervisor Training Is Necessary

Both Federal and state regulations demand that supervisors of employees that operate automobiles that require them to possess a driving license must undergo DOT driver supervisor training. Although the main reason cited for this training is to empower supervisors to detect when employees have abused alcohol alongside other prohibited drugs, other situations might require training. Without further ado, below are 5 situations when DOT supervisor training is necessary.

When there is a need to ascertain suspicions of drug and alcohol abuse

As aforementioned, when there are reasons to believe that an employee has abused either alcohol or any other prohibited drugs, DOT driver supervisor training is needed to determine whether the employee has indeed abused alcohol or any other substance.

When there is a need to refresh training

Although there might not be any regulations that make it mandatory for supervisors to repeat DOT driver supervisor training once they have completed their training, there are some states that require supervisors to refresh their training, especially after every 18 months.

When there is a need for the supervisor to familiarize themselves with DOT Federal regulations

Each state has its unique regulations that outline how DOT should be conducted. Breaching these regulations can attract penalties and lawsuits for supervisors. Therefore, training is required to ensure that the supervisor is familiar with all the relevant DOT Federal regulations to avoid lawsuits and hefty fines. DOT Federal regulations are updated regularly, so training is required for supervisors to keep abreast with the ever-changing DOT regulations.

When an employer becomes subject to DOT regulations

If the employer has recently started operating vehicles that need a CDL to travel on public roads and they have hired a couple of employees, then it becomes mandatory for the employer to undergo DOT driver supervisor training since they have already become subject to DOT regulations. Employers should check with their state’s DOT website to confirm whether they are subject to training or not.

As proof of compliance with Federal and state DOT regulations

When there is a need for supervisors to provide proof of their compliance with Federal and state DOT regulations, then training is the only thing that can be done to pro0vide this proof. Without training, there is nothing a supervisor can use as proof for their compliance with the Federal and state DOT requirements/regulations.

There are probably more other situations call for DOT driver supervisor training apart from these 5 situations mentioned here. Therefore, every supervisor ought to understand both state and Federal DOT regulations for them to prepare in advance.

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