5 Simple Errors To Avoid When Using Jumper Cables

Jumper cables can be a real lifesaver when the car battery fails working on the road. Nonetheless, if misused, the jumper cables can be not only dangerous to the vehicle, but also very life threatening to your body. The next time you’re using the jumper cables, steer clear from these five common mistakes.

1. Using Faulty or Wrong Jumper Cables

It is incredibly essential to have the proper tools when jumpstarting your car. Don’t use old, rusty cables because you won’t get a secure battery connection. Additionally, ensure that your jumper cables have the appropriate voltage needed to car battery jump start, or otherwise you will damage your car’s features.

2. Failing to read the vehicle’s manual

Before you attempt to jumpstart your car, go over the owner’s manual. Some cars need you to seek an expert who can handle a jumpstart service in Singapore as they are not safe when exposed to a jump. Jumping such types of vehicles may lead to the nullification of a warranty, eliminating the opportunity of mechanical work without pay. It is recommended that you review and adhere to the instructions on the manual in regards to the jumpstarting of a car’s battery.

3. Leaning over the Battery during the Jump

Irrespective of how qualified you are at jumping a car battery, always take the proper precautions. Jumpstarting a vehicle is a dangerous activity. Cars cells can smoke or explode when the work is underway. The safest option is to back away from the automobile when an expert is striving to jump the battery. Wearing precautionary items is another safe alternative, especially if you are the one handling the jumpstart task.

4. Switching off the Vehicle after a Jump

One of the most common mistakes drivers do is shutting down the automobile after a jump. Turning the car off will often lead to another jump because you will have cut short the battery charging time it needs to get back on the road. After a successful jump, allow the automobile to remain on for 30 minutes and if possible rev the engine several times while the vehicle is in ‘park’ mode. The longer you allow the motor to continue running, the better it is for the battery. A comprehensive battery charge will allow you to get back on the road in no time.

Final thoughts

People without jumpstarting experience ought to contact a reputable company that offers a jump start service in Singapore. Even if you have experience jumpstarting a vehicle, follow the above tips for a safer jump action. Adhering to these instructions will safeguard your vehicle’s features as well as your wellbeing.

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