5 Cool Ways To Turn Glass Windows Into Privacy Screens

Often, we associate glass windows with personal style and home décor. They are the epitome of modern home innovation in Soldiers Point. However, these windows can sometimes invite prying eyes, especially in your bathroom and bedroom. So, you may find it necessary to install privacy screens. But instead of buying the screens, why don’t you turn your existing glass windows into amazing privacy screens that your visitors will envy?Well, to help you brainstorm on the best ways to go about it, here are 5 cool ways to transform your windows into amazing privacy screens:

Attach Blinds

When it comes to the most popular pick for a privacy screen Soldiers Point residents opt for blinds as a top choice for obvious reasons. They come in a variety of designs like Venetian and vertical design and a wide selection of materials like plastics, vinyl, and wood among others. Additionally, they allow easy aeration and sunning.

Fit Shutters

Window shutters act the same way as blinds, only that they are more private and can be moved completely to allow an unobstructed view. They are ideally a great pick for the bathroom windows but can also work well with the kitchen windows. Furthermore, shutters come in versatile designs and so you can get what suits your home style.


This is more like spray painting. However, instead of regular paint, you spray frost. Frost gives your windows a rustic but really cool look. Most frost products are easy to apply and will provide your glass windows with an attractive temporary privacy solution. What’s more, their application is generally DIY, so you don’t need to spend money on an expert.


In case you don’t like the idea of covering your windows with frost spray but would still want the style on them, then you should consider frost film instead. It has the same effects as frost spray only that the film is easy to remove and change. They are stylish for the modern home.


Lastly, if you are looking for a long-term rustic privacy screen Soldiers Point, then you should consider etching cream over frost. The cream is easy to apply and it’s locally available. You can get it locally.

With the perfect privacy screens on your windows, it’s easy to enjoy absolute privacy at home. By converting your glass windows, you are able to achieve this and still be able to maintain the style of your home. The alterations are just meant to upgrade your style and to give your house a cool factor.

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