24 Hour Car Battery Services Singapore

An old battery after a while begins to lose its power, thus necessitating enlisting the help of 24 Hour Car Battery Services Singapore. It is useful to leave it one night connected to the charger in slow charge. In general, all year round, do not stand prolonged with the stereo and the lights on. If the car does not start and the battery is already discharged instead: keep the ignition key turned for 5 seconds with pauses of 30 to allow the battery to recharge.

When switching on, switch off the lights, the stereo system and the air conditioning so as not to overload the battery. The main board, however, remains to perform periodic maintenance. Among the auto maintenance works, it is necessary to carry out checks aimed at the battery, the beating heart of the vehicle.

The task of the car battery is to power all the electrical components, to start from the starter motor up to provide the lighting system and on-board services when the car is stationary. When the vehicle is running, the battery is recharged using the alternator.

Car battery maintenance

You should not get to have a self-discharge battery and targeted maintenance interventions should be done both in summer and in winter. In the middle of winter, the car battery is severely tested by the energy needs of the car’s users.

In the summer we save the car from the use of heated seats, fog lights and fans, but certainly the air conditioning system will be used to cool the passenger compartment. In short, the maintenance of the car battery must be performed in every season of the year. Certainly the producers advise to avoid using the car for short distances because to get a better recharge of the battery through the alternator medium-long journeys are necessary.

If the car battery is not sealed, once a month, you can check the level of electrolytes (battery fluid) and density. In modern cars, access to the battery is prevented by a rigid casing. In this case the user will have to authenticate the so-called magic eye, a peephole capable of detecting, in general terms, the charge state of the accumulator.

Usually the magic eye has three colors: green indicates an optimal state of charge, black indicates that the battery has now reached 50% of recharge while the white color indicates that it is necessary to have 24 Hour Car Battery Services Singapore.

-What to do with the battery if you do not use the car for a long time? If you do not use a portable device (torch, console, whisk) for a long time it is recommended to remove the batteries from the special body. Like portable devices, even the car battery should be disconnected if you do not plan to use the car for a long time.

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